Articles On…Christian Science Healing: Why call a Christian Science nurse?

I was bedridden and was seeking healing through prayer, which I had found to be reliable and effective. I considered the possibility of calling a Christian Science nurse for assistance in addition to the metaphysical treatment I was having from a Christian Science practitioner. But I thought that if I was supposed to be proving the truth that God is All, that He made man perfect in His likeness, and that disease is therefore not real, why would a Christian Science nurse be needed? Wouldn’t that be giving in to the belief in sickness?

But the practitioner pointed out to me that the Christian Science nurse is provided for in the Manual of The Mother Church (see Mary Baker Eddy, p. 49). She said, in essence, that I had three little children in my care, and that while she would continue to pray for me, the support of a Christian Science nurse was needed. And so I did call one, and she came. (continue reading…)


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