Articles On…Time: How Long?

If I were to tell you I misplaced my pen, and then asked you, “How long will it take me to find it?” how would you answer? Maybe you’d say my question doesn’t compute. I’m asking the wrong question. Time isn’t really the issue. Asking “how long” doesn’t tell us the real “how”—how to find it. Well, we may think the question is “where.” But whatever we’ve lost, the human mind is more worried at a deeper level about time, about howlong.

If we’ve lost our financial security, we feel uncertainties about when it will be restored. If we’ve lost our health, we wonder how long it will be until we feel well. If we’ve lost a relationship, we worry about when we’ll feel cared for again.

You may not have phrased it quite the way I did, but underlying any loss is the question of time. When will we once more be whole, happy, at peace, trusted, pure? We have the same thoughts the Psalmist had several thousand years ago when he pleaded, “How long. … O Lord … how long?” (Ps. 13:1).

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