Some Thoughts On…Christian Science Healing: Hymn 12, 13

Violet Hay

Arise ye people, take your stand, 
Cast out your idols from the land, 
Above all doctrine, form or creed 
Is found the Truth that meets your need. 
Christ’s promise stands: they that believe 
His works shall do, his power receive. 
Go forward then, and as ye preach 
So let your works confirm your speech, 
And prove to all with following sign 
The Word of God is power divine. 
In love and healing ministry 
Show forth the Truth that makes men free. 
O Father-Mother God, whose plan 
Hath given dominion unto man, 
In Thine own image we may see 
Man pure and upright, whole and free. 
And ever through our work shall shine 
That light whose glory, Lord, is Thine.


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